AMAT Objectives & Lines of Service

AMAT works with its partners to fulfill three objectives, namely:

  • increased awareness of good practice (through promotion of norms, policies and standards);
  • strengthened national capacities (through provision of technical adviceand services, in line with the IATG); and
  • more effective and sustainable international cooperation and assistance (through matching needs, resources and expertise as well as through support to the UN SaferGuard Programme).

In line with the manner in which the GICHD fulfills its role, AMAT provides outputs under four, mutually reinforcing lines of service to achieve the above-described objectives. These are:

  1. Promoting knowledge (concepts, methods and tools) 
  2. Supporting the codification of knowledge into norms, policies and standards 
  3. Disseminating knowledge into national and regional programmes
  4. Facilitating dialogue and cooperation